Charter Bus Types For Group Outings

31 March 2022
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Renting a charter bus will keep your group members together while en route to each destination on your travel schedule. Due to the varying bus styles and seating and storage configurations that are available, speak to a charter reservation specialist and request information about the transport options that you can reserve.

Full-Sized Versus Compact

A full-sized charter bus will offer more seats than a compact bus, but this is not the only difference between these two bus styles. A full-sized charter bus will likely contain under the window seating, which can be accessed from outside of the vehicle. There will also be ample storage inside, in the form of over the seat compartments that are each designated for a single row of seats that passengers will be using.

A full-sized charter vehicle will often come equipped with a restroom. This facility will be near the back of a bus. A compact bus will have less seating, which could reduce transport costs. Storage may not be as prevalent on this type of bus. Assessing how much carry-on luggage you and your group members may bring along can help you choose between a full-sized model and a compact model. A smaller bus may also lack a restroom facility.

If you will be traveling a long distance, you should factor in several rest stops along the way. This will ensure that you and your guests will have ample opportunities to use a public restroom facility that is available at each stop.

Amenities That May/May Not Be Included

Some amenities that may or may not be included are:

  • fully reclining seats that are cushioned
  • charging stations
  • TV/DVD combos
  • WiFi access

Luxury Charter Bus Models

Besides the amenities listed above, a luxury model may contain an area for passengers to interact with one another or rest. A party bus usually comes equipped with surround sound, speakers, and a stereo or wireless device that plays music. A party bus will contain bench seating that fully extends around the outer edge of each interior wall that comprises a party bus. If your group function is going to a light-hearted event, a party bus may support the engaging environment that you are seeking for your guests.

A sleeper bus is one that may contain bunk beds and a full-sized bedroom. This type of bus can be a great asset if you and your group members will be traveling during the overnight hours. Luxury charter bus models may contain varying layouts and seating arrangements.