Growing Your Career Opportunities By Using A Straight Truck Load Board

19 May 2021
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Right now, more than 72% of freight in the United States economy is carried on the back of trucks. Since truck drivers move the economy, there's no shortage of opportunities available for drivers willing to carry the loads. A large amount of these jobs are available to owner-operators, who are independent contractor truckers that arrange for and take their own loads. If you're a truck driver entrepreneur that is looking to find your own loads, straight truck load boards are a great way to pile some work onto your schedule. Here are a few things you should know about straight truck load boards so that you're able to build a career.

What is a straight truck load board and how can it benefit you?

A truck load board is a platform that lets you find available hauls you can take. These boards match owners with truck drivers that can take them, bid on them, or negotiate with the other party. If you drive a straight truck, you can find a straight truck load board that will match you with jobs that are in your realm of experience and price range. From there, you'll be able to digitally sign a contract and agree to terms on a load.

What kind of straight truck load jobs are you looking for?

Think about your career and certifications as you pick straight truck load jobs. The more specialties you have, the better you can open yourself up to new opportunities. Some examples of truck load jobs you can take include dry van hauls, full truckload (FTL) hauls, less than truckload (LTL) hauls, refrigerated container hauls, and others. When you use these boards to make contact with companies, you can establish relationships that let you get long-term work with them, which can grow your earning potential and lead to more jobs.

How can you find the best truck load jobs and manage them?

After you've matched with a job on a straight truck load board, make sure that you prepare yourself to keep more of your earnings and to handle your haul with professionalism and speed. The truck load board will lay out parameters for when they need the work completed, so plan out enough travel and rest time in your schedule to get it done. Always budget the overhead coats for each trip and find out if the load you're taking brings in enough profits to make it worth it. Document everything so that you can also get some money back at tax time. Owner-operators also have the benefit of deducting up to 80% for their per diem costs when you're on the road. Keep your truck in the finest condition as well, so that you are less likely to deal with breakdowns and setbacks.

Use these tips when you are ready to explore truck load boards.