Are You Going For Your First Sightseeing Helicopter Tour? Here Are 3 Pro Guidelines To Follow

25 November 2020
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Flying on a helicopter is a very thrilling activity, especially when doing it for sightseeing. However, if you haven't ridden before, it can disorient and overwhelm you. Many people are afraid of helicopter rides because they have a fear of flying. Nevertheless, helicopter flights are one of the safest ways to get around, and air accidents are infrequent. Besides, you will have a trained pilot controlling the helicopter, and they have spent many hours in the air that will help them navigate every situation, regardless of how difficult it will be. 

Here are a few things to do to enjoy a sightseeing helicopter charter and make the most of the ride. 

Get Anxiety And Motion Sickness Medication

Anxiety and air sickness are common in first-time helicopter users. Airsickness is a unique form of motion sickness that results from flying. When you are seated still, but the inner ear can feel vertical elevation and horizontal movement, it sends conflicting messages to the brain. The brain misinterprets the conflicting signals between the body and the inner ear. 

Once the brain records the mixed signals, it interprets them as poisoning, which is why you feel nauseated, and you might even start vomiting. Motion sickness medication interferes with the signals from the inner ear. The medication minimizes the confusion in your brain and eliminates nausea. You can also try deep breathing before the helicopter takes off to calm down your anxiety.

Dress Appropriately For The Flight

The other challenge people have when flying is that they do not dress appropriately for it. Avoid loose clothing and tie your hair back. The speed of the helicopter and the wind will blow hair into your eyes and can lead to a very uncomfortable ride. 

It is also advisable to dress warm because the helicopter will be flying high, and temperatures drop when you gain altitude. Avoid sunglasses and other accessories that can be blown away by the wind.

Follow The Pilot's Instructions

The pilot will instruct you about simple rules, such as remaining seated during the flight and fastening your seatbelt. In case of an emergency, they will also tell you what to do and steer you to safety. While touring is exciting, do not get carried away and compromise your security.

These are simple instructions to help you get the best out of your first helicopter touring trip. Choose the service of a reliable tour company to help you organize and implement the best tourist experience.