Relocating To Canada? 4 Tips To Help You Ship Your Cars Across The Border

20 October 2019
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If you're in the process of relocating to Canada, and you need to transport your vehicles, be prepared for the process. There are some steps that you'll need to take to avoid problems with the transport into Canada. While you're preparing your car for transport, be sure to follow the tips provided here. These tips will help ensure a safe and stress-free vehicle transport process. 

Start With a Clean Car

When it comes to transporting your cars to Canada, you want to start with a thorough cleaning. Your cars may be on the road for weeks, which means any dirt or trash in will sit there until delivery day. The best way to protect against things like odors and  pest infestations during transport, is to make sure you clean and detail your car first. 

Hire a Reputable Service

If you're going to have your cars shipped to Canada, make sure you hire a reputable transport service. Choosing a transport company based entirely on cost may save you money on the initial costs. However, the initial savings might not be enough to make up for costly delays or vehicle damage. Before you hire a transport service, check to make sure that they have experience with cross-border auto transport in the area you are planning to cross. Also, make sure that the company you hire has adequate insurance to protect you against vehicle damage. 

Gather the Required Documents

Now that you're relocating to Canada, you'll need to make sure that your cars are qualified for entry into the country. Before you transport your cars over the border, you'll need to gather the required documentation. That documentation should include current license and registration for each car that you plan to transport. You'll also need customs paperwork for each car, as well as a copy of your passport and birth certificate. Also, be sure to have current emissions certification for each of your cars. Canada requires smog tests, as well. 

Be Prepared for the Border Taxes

Finally, now that you're having your cars shipped to Canada, be prepared for the border taxes. There are a few taxes that you'll need to pay before you can move your cars across the border. These taxes include your import duty fees, excise taxes, goods and services taxes, and the territorial sales tax. 

Don't take chances with the transport of your cars. If you're relocating to Canada, use the tips provided here to reduce your risk of problems when shipping your cars across the border.