Are You Planning A School Trip To A Choir Competition Several Hours Away? 3 Reasons To Use Bus Charter Services

26 August 2019
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Your school's choir has worked hard to make it to the higher levels of their annual competition. Now they get to enjoy the reward that comes with taking a major trip together to compete with other schools from around the state. While the members of the choir are naturally excited about their upcoming adventure, you know that you must take full responsibility for helping them to get to their destination safely. School districts often have buses available for field trips, but planning to travel hours away poses some challenges that make the usual school bus less than ideal. Choosing to use a bus rental offers your choir these benefits that elevate their competition trip to a more comfortable experience.

Be Proactive to Head Off Problems

Whether you have twenty or a hundred kids traveling together, you need to take into consideration all of their needs. For instance, you can bet that at least one child will need to use the restroom mid-trip, and having to stop the entire bus for a bathroom break can result in your team arriving late. Bus rental services include vehicles that have amenities such as bathrooms. You can also ask about options such as on-board entertainment that can make the trip much more enjoyable for everyone. 

Create More Space for Luggage

Your choir may not have the same amount of equipment and gear as a football team, but you can also count on everyone bringing at least one duffel bag or suitcase. Your choir may also need to bring along props to use during the competition, and show choirs may have heavy garment bags and makeup cases that must be handled carefully. School buses often only have small luggage compartments and very little space onboard near the seats. A bus charter, however, is typically capable of handling large amounts of luggage so that nothing has to be left behind.

Control How You Plan the Itinerary

Borrowing the district's bus may work for shorter field trips such as to the zoo. However, traveling several hours away may mean that you have to work hard to make your trip fit into the school's available time schedule. With a bus charter, you can arrive back in your students' home city at any hour that you need. You can even choose to do things such as stay a little longer after the competition to let your choir enjoy the sights of their destination city before they make the return trip home.

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