Turning 21?: How To Keep The Party Going And Avoid Arrest

24 December 2015
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Turning twenty-one is a major milestone in most young adults' lives. It is the age where everyone can legally imbibe alcohol and not get arrested for underage drinking. While you may look forward to celebrating this monumental birthday, or look forward to helping someone you know celebrate their 21st, there are several other things to keep in mind. These things include: where to have the party, how to keep everyone safe, and how to keep everyone away from the police and off the police radar by not driving drunk and/or not drawing police attention to themselves. Here are some solutions for how to keep the party going and avoid arrest.

Keep the Party out of the Bars

The police are almost always patrolling the bars and nightclub scene for people who are breaking the law and causing trouble. You might not even be the one they are looking to arrest until you end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you want you and your friends to enjoy a good time out, avoid the bars and dance clubs for your 21st birthday. Instead, do a sort of "round robin" party that takes you and guests to everyone's house for a few drinks before moving on. That way the neighbors do not have enough time to complain about the noise before you have already moved on to the next house.

Use Designated Sober Drivers or Rent a Party Bus with a Driver

If you like the idea of moving from one house to the next, you need sober drivers. If everyone wants to drink because it is supposed to be a major party, then rent a party bus with a driver. The driver stays sober, but all of your friends and guests are free to drink as much as you want.

Stay in a Hotel That Has Room Service and a Couple of Bars Downstairs

The police are less likely to crash your party when you are a hotel guest because you are not about to drive home under the influence when you already paid for rooms at the hotel. This also gives you access to the bars in the hotel, the mini bar in your room and room service, which can deliver champagne, wine or other spirits to your room. If you really want a big to-do, rent out a conference room too. Then you can have quite the wet bar in the conference room, access to the bars in the hotel, and safe rooms to crash in when your party is done for the night.