Tips for Renting an SUV for Your Family Vacation

11 December 2015
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Planning a vacation for you and your family can be a lot of fun and you may be filled with anticipation and excitement. However, taking your time to plan ahead despite being excited is important to avoid making costly mistakes in your plans, especially when it comes to renting a SUV. Follow these tips to get the most of out your SUV rental.

Start Looking for Your SUV Rental Early

Booking your vehicle rental ahead of time is the best way to find the best deals and it can help you have peace of mind knowing your transportation is taken care of. Booking ahead of your vacation can mean you get a much better choice for vehicles, a great benefit if you are looking for an SUV with special features for enhancing the comfort of your trip. Booking ahead can also be helpful for saving on the cost of your rental. For example, if you rent a vehicle while there are several of the same models on the lot, you may get a lower rate.

Take Your Time During Rental Car Inspection

Never avoid the inspection of your rental vehicle and be sure to have a close look with the rental company manager close by. If any kinds of damage is already on or in the vehicle and you drive off in it, you could be charged for that damage if it was not noted during the rental inspection. This is an especially good idea if you are renting a vehicle that people with children usually rent.

Consider the kinds of damage that spills and rough-housing in the back seats from rambunctious kids could end up costing you. If you have children, they could be blamed for that costly damage as well. Be sure to have a look at the underside of your vehicle as well, especially if it is a four-wheel drive. The previous renter may have decided to have some fun off-road, causing damage that would not be easily noticed upon its return.

Check With Your Credit Card Company About Insurance Coverage

When planning for your vacation, before you make final choices about renting an SUV, be sure to call your credit card company about whether or not they offer insurance for rental vehicles. Many car rental companies will offer you insurance, but you may be able to get a better deal through the card you use to rent your vehicle.

Once you have your SUV rental taken care of, you can look forward to driving it to your vacation destination. Bear in mind when looking for your SUV, considering the possible conditions you will be driving in is important to know whether you will need a four or two-wheel drive model. For more information, contact companies like Galaxy Coach.