This City Is No Angel To Navigate: 4 Reasons You Should Take A Car Service To LAX

1 July 2015
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Whether you're traveling on a business trip or on a vacation, getting to the airport will probably be one of the most dreaded parts of your trip. Considering most major airports suggest you arrive at least two to three hours before departure, it's important to have a reliable method for getting to the airport. Unfortunately, navigating certain cities to get to the airport isn't always easy, especially cities like Los Angeles. Getting to an airport like LAX can be a tall order, and while hitching a ride from a friend or catching a cab might seem like good ways to get there, these modes of transportation can be rife with unexpected problems. If you want your ride to LAX to be as smooth as possible, you'll want to consider these reasons for taking an airport transportation service.

1. They can help you beat traffic. Everyone is aware of the notoriously bad traffic that plagues Los Angeles, and it's this traffic that can prevent you from making your flight. Most transportation service drivers have so much experience navigating the city; they know which roads and highways to avoid so that you can get to the airport as quickly as possible.

2. They can meet you right outside the terminal. Not only can an airport transportation service drop you off right in front of the terminal, which can be a tough spot to secure in a regular car or cab, but they can also wait for you right outside the terminal when you return. LAX charges private car services a fee for this type of access, so they're able to pick you up where no one else can.

3. You can avoid expensive parking. The comfort of having your car waiting for you at the airport might be appealing, but when you get the parking bill, you'll likely experience a lot of discomfort. Parking at LAX ranges from $12–$30 per day, so if you're going to be away for a few days or weeks, the cost can add up quickly. For the cost of just a few days of parking, you can have a reliable transportation take you to and from the airport.

4. You don't have to lug heavy baggage. When you're dropped off or parked in a lot, there's no one to help you carry those heavy bags to check-in. A car service won't only provide transportation, they'll help you carry all of your heavy luggage, whether you're arriving or departing. Customer service is just another one of the benefits that comes with taking a car service to the airport.

Contrary to popular belief, getting to the airport doesn't always have to be the bane of your existence; using an airport transportation service will not only be reliable, but it might even make your ride enjoyable.