How To Make Your Daughter's First Date Memorable

25 June 2015
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Remember when you taught your little girl how to tie her shoes and how to ride a bike? It probably seems impossible that she is now old enough to date, and you might even be having mixed emotions about this big step. On one hand, it's sad to see your little girl taking a step away from you. On the other hand, it must be fun for you to see her develop into a young lady. If you are thinking about being the first to take her on a date, here are some ideas that might make the occasion fun and memorable.

The Invitation - The anticipation is part of the fun, so consider extending the invitation in a fun way.

  • One idea is to give your daughter a bunch of balloons that have the information written either on the balloon or inside of the balloon. Imagine the fun of popping each one to find out what you'll be doing.
  • Another idea is to send an invitation through the mail. Don't forget to choose a unique stamp for mailing purposes. 
  • Consider having a limousine arrive at your home with the driver delivering the invitation. The invitation could suggest a return trip on the assigned date.

The Date - Think about your daughter's personality. If given the choice, would she select an elegant evening or a casual one? If in doubt, simply ask her.

  • If you have decided on an elegant evening, consider taking her to more than one restaurant. Start at one place for appetizers and then go on to a second restaurant for your main course. This would be the perfect time to go to the theater, a movie, or to a store to buy something special, like a piece of jewelry.
  • For a casual evening, think of what your daughter would love best. A picnic at the beach, bowling, skating, or ice skating are things to consider, all with her favorite meal as part of the date.
  • Whether you choose an elegant evening on the town or a casual one, consider hiring a limousine to make the evening a truly memorable one. If you've never rented a limousine, you might be surprised to find that it's affordable. Your limousine driver will be courteous and friendly and will help to make this event a truly special one. You can even arrange to have snacks waiting for you. Non-alcoholic bubbly and decadent candies would be awesome! Find out if the tip is included in the price of the rental. If it isn't, 15% or 20% is a safe amount to tip.

Have fun planning a fun and memorable event with your daughter. To find out more about limousine rentals, do an online search.