Steps For Using An Airport Shuttle Service With Young Children

18 June 2015
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Are you about to take a trip with young children on an airport shuttle service? For children under five, you should be aware that there are special considerations for taking any shuttle service. You may need to take an airport taxi service or shuttle to and from your hotel, or even between airports if you have a transfer before your next flight. While taking your children with you shouldn't be too complicated, there are still some preparations that need to be made.

Bring a Child Safety Seat With You for the Shuttle

If your child requires a safety seat by law, you do need to bring one with you. It's likely that you would have had this seat with you in the airport regardless, but if you weren't intending on it, you may need to sacrifice a carry-on. The airport shuttle service cannot provide a child safety seat for you and they cannot allow your child to ride without one. They do not have child safety seats to offer, even if you request one in advance.

Always Board and Disembark the Shuttle With Your Child

When using an airport shuttle service, board alongside your child and introduce your child to the shuttle driver as you board. Get off at the same time as your child as well -- don't send your child ahead while you deal with the luggage. You don't want to end up in a situation where you and your child are pulled apart by the crowd or, worse, your child becomes confused and exits with another individual. By introducing yourself to the shuttle driver, you'll ensure that the shuttle driver is watching when your child disembarks. 

Don't Forget Anti-Nausea Medication for the Shuttle Ride

If your child doesn't traditionally experience motion sickness, you might not consider anti-nausea medication. But a shuttle is usually a different type of movement than a car, especially the farther towards the back you choose to sit. Anti-nausea relief can help you avoid some unpleasant moments, especially if taken immediately upon noticing your child's symptoms. 

An airport taxi service can give you more information regarding the laws and regulations in the city that you're traveling to. The good news is that traveling with young children is usually free for an airport shuttle, which generally charges by the passenger rather than the trip. And keep in mind that some hotels have their own shuttle service which will still have the above requirements but often won't charge at all. To find out more, speak with a business like Yellow Cab.