Four Tips To Make You A Taxi Etiquette Wiz

17 June 2015
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If you're traveling in a different state or are simply wanting to get around your own city, riding in a taxi offers myriad benefits. Because your driver takes care of getting you from Point A to Point B, it can be easy to use the ride to tackle some last-minute work for your pending meeting or just zone out and watch the city go past. Regardless of how you spend the ride, it's not a time to forget about etiquette. Whether you're new to taxi travel or just need a quick refresher, take a moment to get acquainted with how to ensure your trip follows etiquette protocols.

Hail And Hop In

Hailing a taxi requires a little gusto -- step to the edge of the roadway, lift one arm in the air and attempt to make eye contact with the driver heading in your direction. Although many people choose to briefly speak to the driver through his open window to explain where they want to go, it's proper etiquette to avoid holding a lengthy discussion. Remember, the driver might be stopped precariously on the road and is losing money the longer he stays put. Once the driver indicates that he can take you to your destination, it's best to quickly hop in the backseat to allow the trip to begin.

Gauge Your Conversation Accordingly

If you spend enough time riding in taxis, you'll notice that some drivers are abundantly conversational and that others keep quiet. Some drivers even spend the entire ride talking on their cellphone. Whatever the case, it's proper etiquette to converse in a way that suits the driver. If he's jovial, there's no harm in chatting along the way; if he's predominantly quiet, just let him concentrate on getting you to your destination. 

Ask About Payment

Before you begin the journey, check to see what payment options the driver accepts. Most cab companies accept credit cards and cash. However you choose to pay, be respectful by having the payment ready as soon as you arrive. It's poor etiquette to waste the driver's time by fumbling in your wallet once the vehicle has stopped.

Tip To Convey Thanks

Giving a tip to the driver when you reach your destination is a sign that you're happy with the trip. The custom is to tip between 15 and 20 percent of the fare, according to USA Today. As you approach your destination, check the cab's meter and make a quick calculation to determine the approximate amount you should tip. Having the tip ready allows the driver to head in search of his next passenger. For more information, contact a professional like Webster Penfield Taxi.