Creative Study Tricks For Acing Your Permit Test

11 June 2015
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Poring over your local DMV's guidebook is a good start to memorizing the information you need to know for your permit test, but it's not the most exciting way to study. Looking at page after page of repetitive rules is sure to put your brain on the fast track to burnout. For a more fun, less monotonous, and all-around better approach, try putting a new twist on old-fashioned studying with these three lesser-known techniques:

Make Flashcards

There's a reason why flashcards are so popular with teachers everywhere. Great for breaking down mounds of data into bite-sized brain food, they help keep you focused and force our minds to dig for information from scratch – a far more effective way to memorize road rules than staring at them on a page. If you have a smartphone, you can even download study apps that let you create your own custom flashcards so you can run through them on the go. 

Doodle When You're Having Difficulty

If you find yourself stumped on the same question over and over again, sketch it on a piece of paper. Neuroscientists say that drawing helps human brains concentrate, understand new ideas, and memorize information. 

Take a Practice Permit Test Online

The Internet is chock-full of study resources for all kinds of exams, including permit tests for every state. While some DMV books have quizzes in the back, the digital format makes studying simpler. Filling in an online quiz feels more like a game than a chore, but to your brain, it's just as effective as using pencil and paper. Plus, questions are usually rotated, so you can keep your knowledge base fresh. 

Try doing a quiz daily – most will only take you a few minutes – to see what a difference going digital can make, and don't worry about money. Unlike pricey study sessions with private tutors, some of the best permit practice tests online don't cost a thing. All you need to get going is a steady Internet connection. In the end, you can print the answer key to review the questions you got wrong. For a free DMV practice test, visit

Whichever studying method works best for your brain, remember that consistency is key. For motivation, try planning rewards for each week of successful studying. Whether it's going out for ice cream or taking the night off to watch your favorite movie, rewarding yourself for a job well done is the best way to stay on track.