3 Security Considerations To Keep In Mind When Going On A Private Yacht Charter

10 June 2015
 Categories: Travel, Blog


If you're considering private yacht charters in the Caribbean, you likely have a few questions regarding what type of security measures should be taken before the trip. Anytime you travel there are inherent risks, after all, and even more so if you're traveling between different countries. Here are three security-minded tips to remember before embarking on a chartered yacht trip:

Get a Passport

Depending on where your charter takes you, there's a good chance you may need a passport for everyone who's traveling. If you're traveling to the British Virgin Islands from the United States, for example, you'll need a passport. If you just travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands, you won't need one. Passports are required even if you won't be docking the ship at a foreign dock and are necessary for your protection. Make sure to arrange for your passports well before the time of your trip, since they can often take a while to finalize.

Consider Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can be costly, but it's highly recommended for traveling on chartered trips that travel long distances-- especially through foreign waters. You simply never know what could happen. If you're taking out insurance, make sure to issue the policy to begin within seven days of making the initial trip deposit. Read the policy carefully to make sure it covers medical costs, baggage costs, and covers any pre-existing medical conditions that might apply to you or your family members.

Be Careful About Bringing Expensive Items

Most independent travel insurance policies and even ones available at yacht charters don't cover the costs of personal items such as jewelry, watches, cameras, computers, phones, or other electronic items. Be very careful about traveling with these items. If you do bring them, make sure to always keep a close eye on them and/or keep them in locked containers when not in use. Other items that are generally not included in insurance policies include cash, passports, and other documentation. Never carry a large amount of cash on a yachting charter.

Taking a private yacht charter is one of the best ways to enjoy the fun of the open waters while experiencing a trip that's tailored precisely to what you and your family most want to do. Remember the above security precautions/considerations before you make the final arrangements for your trip, and you'll be well on your way to enjoying the vacation of a lifetime.