What's Half Travel Agent And Half Stock Broker? It's Not A Riddle, It's A Freight Broker!

9 June 2015
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Few jobs offer the same unique skill development as that of a freight broker, who acts as an intermediate between manufacturers who need goods shipped and shipping companies in need of work. These trained professionals are tasked with bringing together two fundamental aspects of consumerism, which is no small task, but is infinitely rewarding if the proper time is devoted to mastering its two major parts. 

Half Travel Agent

One of the fundamental tasks of a freight broker is to ensure that products get where they need to go without either side controlling the other. This task can be tricky when the goal is to pack schedules as tightly and efficiently as possible, which is also a skill praised in travel planning. In short, if being a travel agent appeals to you, but you want to perform some of the same tasks with a more measurable sense of purpose, then becoming a freight broker might just be your perfect career path. 

Half Stock Broker

However, being a freight broker isn't all about the destinations and transportation, as another major aspect of the job is negotiation, and this is where the other half of the job comes in. Much like a stock broker works to sell the right stocks to clients with specific financial goals, a freight broker helps companies to ship their product as cheaply and efficiently as possible, which is beneficial for both parties. This part of the freight broker's job description appeals to people with a fondness for numbers and budgeting. If you enjoy these two aspects of being a stock broker, but would go insane analyzing charts and trends for months on end, then you might find an attractive option in the world of freight brokering. 

Getting Trained

Undergoing training to become a freight broker is something anybody can do, and more and more jobs open up in this field every year. This process generally includes an overview of the freight brokering process, as well as the necessary paperwork and licensing required to begin the process on a professional level, which includes a federal freight broker license, liability insurance, and bonding, as a few examples. The time required to obtain this training can vary, as some courses are offered online, like from Ted Keyes Online and others, while others are offered in more traditional settings. 

Becoming a freight broker is a very lucrative position, especially considering that the job incorporates aspects of other occupations that require years of schooling to achieve. If certain aspects of being a travel agent or stock broker appeal to you, then checking out a few freight broker training programs will probably be very fruitful, as the job doesn't take long to learn and can set you on a whole new career path.