How To Avoid Having Your Overweight Permit Application Denied

23 February 2021
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If you are preparing to haul an overweight load sometime soon, you probably already know that you will need to have a permit to do so. You might be concerned about having your application denied, which can really get in the way of your plans, whether you are planning on hauling an overweight load for yourself or if your company is offering this service for someone else. If you're wondering how you can avoid having your application denied, keep these things in mind.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

To get your permit application approved, you will probably need to provide information about the type of truck and trailer that you will be using to haul the overweight load. You will probably need to provide proof that you have access to equipment that will allow you to transport the heavy load in a safe manner. This is also important if you want to avoid damaging your truck and trailer and if you want to avoid problems along the way.

Make Sure You Have the Right Driver

Depending on just how heavy the load is and depending on the type of items that you will be hauling, you or the person who is going to be driving the truck may need to have special endorsements on your commercial driver's license.

Have Detailed Information About the Hauling Job

You will need to provide detailed information about the materials that you're hauling, the distance that you are traveling, the route that you will be taking, and more. Make sure that you have all of this information on hand when you are filling out your application, or you might not be able to fill out the application fully, which means that your application might not be accepted or it might be denied.

Take Your Time When Filling Out the Application

Don't try to rush through the process of filling out the application. Take your time to make sure it's accurate and that you haven't missed anything. Also, make sure that you submit it to the right place.

Send Your Application In Time

If you wait until the last minute to send in your overweight permit application, you might find that it will not be approved in time. There are some cases when you can't really help but submit the application at the last minute, such as if you have just found out about a hauling job that needs to be done. In these cases — or if you want to make sure that everything goes well when submitting your application — consider using a service that will assist you with filling out your application and receiving your permit.

Reach out to a professional for more information on overweight permits